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Managing your business is important to being successful.  You’ll need to be proactive to manage your business and stay on top of the following on a regular basis.

1.Check your pending business daily and follow up with carriers to make sure they get issued quickly.  The faster they issue the sooner you get paid.

2.Check weekly the cancelled policies, chargebacks, % persistency and follow up with carriers.

3.Licensing, Contracting & Continuing education. As an independent agent, it is your responsibility to stay on top of your license and continuing education to remain current. If you are not sure what CE you are required login into your department of insurance website for your resident license and check the status.  You don’t want any unexpected delays in your compensation from the carriers because your license expired.

4.Do you need to renew your license and take your state required CE credits? FFL will cover the cost of your course for these credits as well! Go to and enter the email as the discount code.

5.Taxes – You are a 1099 independent agent.  You are responsible for filing and paying your taxes. Use the service of a professional accountant.

6. Use the service of Quickbooks Self Employed This version of Quickbooks is designed to help you record your self-employed income and expenses, track mileage.

How You are Paid

Commissions & Promotions

The most aggressive comp plan in the industry. Most companies are robbing agents and their families by paying them as little as possible.

Check out how to get to 145% with fully vested renewals day one. We are pioneering to change the industry and pay the agents more.

Family First Life is dedicated to making sure our agents are compensated well for their hard work. To compensate our agents further, we have bonus programs that everyone can take part in!

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